Restaurant Payroll

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Running a Restaurant Can Be tough

At Advantage Payroll Services, we understand the difficulties restaurant owners face in managing their employees and their business. There are a number of complex laws in effect governing restaurant employees' wages and tips. It can be a daunting task to avoid making mistakes.

To help you over these hurdles and to help manage your restaurant business more effectively, Advantage offers a sophisticated, comprehensive system that's powerful enough to handle the payroll needs of any size establishment. Regardless of how many employees you may have, we've got the expertise to help you process your restaurant payroll with the accuracy, timeliness and flexibility both you and your employees need.

Choose the Solutions Right for Your Business

Choose the solutions right for your business.

    • Allocated Tip Reporting — Advantage can help take the mystery out of meeting your TEFRA requirements. You can choose the method you want us to use to monitor reported tips...and if it becomes necessary to allocate tips, no other payroll system provides as much flexibility as Advantage.
    • Tip-to-Minimum Validation — Our system will make sure the wages you pay your staff and the tips they report keep your business in compliance with minimum wage requirements, giving you the information and the tools to keep both your employees and the government happy.

    • Shortfall Reports — Part of our standard Restaurant Payroll package, this valuable report protects both you and your employees, ensuring that they don't owe you for voluntary deductions that couldn't be satisfied from their wages...and that they have an opportunity to pay the proper tax on their income.
    • FICA Tip Credit Report — Advantage will help you get the maximum benefit from this powerful business tax credit. In addition to maintaining your payroll records, we can track your matching portion of FICA paid on tips in excess of minimum wage on a per period, monthly, quarterly, yearly or fiscal year basis — whenever you need it! Tracking this information could lead to substantial business tax savings.

    Whether you're a large establishment or a small café, Advantage understands the needs of restaurants like yours nationwide. Select from our menu of standard and value-added services, and start enjoying a better payroll solution right away!

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