Management Reporting

An In-Depth Look at Your Payroll/Personnel Picture

Advantage offers over 150 different management reports to allow you to study your business from virtually any angle. And with Advantage Online Reporting, you can access them 24/7 through any web browser.


Department & Division Summaries

The Advantage system automatically creates divisional and/or departmental reports, which you can receive as often as you need. Your payroll statement (summary of funds needed to manage payroll) can be delivered via email or fax on the same day your payroll is processed.

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Payroll Recap Reports

These reports are available in a variety of user-friendly formats that make posting payroll effortless for you or your accounting professional. Reflecting individual payroll expense items as debits and credits, your payroll information is recapped by department or division, in varying frequencies.

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Vacation/Sick Accrual Reports

The sophisticated Advantage system can track paid time off for employees in a variety of ways, reflecting not only employee time off but the payroll liability attached to it. You can create a custom set of accruals for your employees by classification, department, division or other criteria, and let the system monitor earned time off, generating reports on a calendar or fiscal year basis. The system can also track accrual rates by each employee's anniversary date. Whether you need to keep it simple or monitor a complex plan, Advantage can do it all.

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Labor Distribution Reports

For employers who need to allocate payroll cost from one job to another — or from one division or department to another — our Labor Reports are available in a variety of formats and frequencies. With full labor distribution covered from gross to net, you can use our system to better manage payroll costs while minimizing the time spent on tedious tracking efforts. In addition, our Divisional Debiting feature allows you to charge individual bank accounts for payroll expenses; used in conjunction with The Advantage CheckSSM, you can reduce the payroll function to a single debit in each account.

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Pension/401(k) Reports & Diskettes

If your business has a 401(k) or other type of pension plan, this report will provide the Plan Administrator with all the information necessary to monitor your plan. It also is available in electronic format (compatible with most common business software) on PC-formatted diskettes.

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Fiscal Year Reporting

Ask your customer service representative for a variety of management reports that are available on a fiscal year basis, made to order to match your accounting year.

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The data you need to make profitable decisions.

Advantage Payroll Services offers the following key reports, all designed to help your business operate more smoothly:

  • Department & Division Summaries
  • Workers' Compensation Reports
  • Workers' Compensation Reports
  • Vacation/Sick Accrual Reports
  • Labor Distribution Reports
  • Pension/401(k) Reports & Diskettes
  • Fiscal Year Reporting

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