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Advantage's goal is to make life easier for you and your company. We have a comprehensive array of payroll products and management services to help you keep track of your business and keep it on the right track. In addition, we offer a variety of value-added administrative benefits to help you run your business smoothly. Here's what we offer:

Tax Filing Services

Paying your taxes and meeting the reporting requirements of federal, state and local taxing jurisdictions can be a real headache. Advantage eases the pain with our fully integrated tax service that handles all of your payroll tax calculations, payments and reporting obligations seamlessly. There are no additional fees; tax filing services are provided as a value-added benefit to our standard payroll service.

Management Reporting

With over 150 management reports to select from, you can track virtually any aspect of your business, staying on top of important issues as they arise. Some key reports include Department and Division Summaries, Workers' Compensation, Payroll Recap, Vacation/Sick Accrual, Labor Distribution and Fiscal Year Reporting.

Online Reporting

Now you can access your payroll and management reports online, from any location virtually any time, with Advantage's Online Reporting service. Regardless of how you choose to input your payroll, we're making the online convenience and security of Instant Payroll available to all Advantage clients. Plus, with our third-party access feature you can permit your accounting professional to access your payroll records as needed, whenever it's convenient.

Paycheck Options

Advantage Payroll Services offers a variety of options to ensure that payroll is distributed in the way that works best for both employers and their employees. These include: the Advantage CheckSM, our central payroll account; direct deposit into employees' designated bank accounts; and client-owned paychecks, written on the business owner's account at any bank.

Restaurant Payroll

Managing the complexities of restaurant payroll — wages, tips and reporting — is no easy task. But, you can make it easier on yourself by selecting from Advantage's menu of standard and value added restaurant payroll services, including Allocated Tip Reporting, Tip-to-Minimum Validation, Shortfall Reports and the FICA Tip Credit Report.

Instant Payroll

Our Internet-based payroll application eliminates tedious and time-consuming paperwork, phone calls and faxes traditionally required for payroll management. Enjoy maximized user control and state-of-the-art security, all with no extra software required — just add Web!

New Hire Reporting

The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 requires every employer, regardless of size or number of employees, to report certain information on each newly-hired or rehired employee to a designated state agency by a specific deadline. Advantage Payroll Services helps employers comply with this mandate, which often varies from state to state when they choose to combine automatic New Hire Reporting with their regular payroll processing service.

Section 125/Premium Only Plans

Enjoy tax savings for both you and your employees with a premium only plan from Advantage. Let us assist you with the administrative details and plan requirements so you can save time and money.

Electronic Tax Compliance

Ever wake up in the middle of the night - panicked - because you missed a tax deposit? Now you can rest assured, penalty-free, with Advantage's Electronic Tax Compliance service. We can help you stay on the safe side of compliance.

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