Flexible Services To Meet Every Payroll Need

With Advantage Payroll Services, payroll processing tasks become as simple as a phone call to your local customer service representative ... or if you prefer, a keyboard click! You'll find we're extremely flexible, with a special commitment to courteous and personalized service.

Each pay period, your employee checks and reports from Advantage arrive at your office, or the funds are directly deposited in your employee's bank account(s) exactly as you specify. Next-day delivery of your payroll is available if required, and we can directly deposit employee earnings to any bank in the country. Or, you can pick up your payroll at one of our local offices if it's more convenient for you.

The Advantage system features extensive earnings and deductions categories, so we're flexible enough for virtually any business. And unlike other payroll services, the Advantage package includes, at no extra charge:

  • Complete tax filing services
  • Signed and sealed payroll checks
  • A variety of easy-to-read management reports
  • Up to three free separate direct deposit accounts per individual employee

Payroll as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Payroll processing at Advantage is so easy we've broken it down to three simple steps. Of course, if you do have any questions, our dedicated team of payroll professionals are always available to assist you. 

1. First, collect your payroll hours and earnings each pay period and report them — along with any changes to the payroll such as deductions, pay increases or new hires — through one of Advantage's unique user-friendly input options:

  • Phone: Your client service representative will be happy to input your payroll data when he/she calls you each pay period. You simply use our organizer to document your payroll and give the information to the CSR.
  • Internet: Our Instant Payroll® solution allows you to transmit your payroll data from virtually anywhere via the internet. Access your account from any web browser and send your payroll in minutes! Then view reports online from wherever you are.
  • Fax: Simply fill out your Input Worksheet and fax it to your local Advantage office for processing.
  • Electronic Timesheet: Check your email each pay period for your most recent electronic Input Worksheet. Then fill in your hours and earnings and e-mail the spreadsheet to your Advantage office for processing.

2. your payroll has been submitted, your checks and reports will be delivered by mail, courier or even overnight — it's your choice! If you prefer, pick them up at your local Advantage office. Plus, you can view reports online within minutes

3. Finally, the highly qualified team of Advantage tax professionals will ensure that all your tax payments are made accurately and on time. We'll file all your quarterly and annual payroll returns and reports — leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Sound easy? It is!

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For more information about payroll processing, contact an Advantage representative at an office location nearest you. Or, have us contact you.

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