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Whether you're a medium-sized business owner with payroll processing, tax filing or HR management needs, or an accounting professional looking for the best payroll service for your clients, we have a comprehensive and affordable payroll solution for you.

Throughout this site, you'll find a wealth of information about outsourcing your payroll with Advantage and our value-added products and financial services, including human resources and workers' compensation support, comprehensive management reports that are now available online, helpful tips on maintaining tax compliance and managing your business, and much more.

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Now you can do your payroll online, eliminating tedious and time-consuming paperwork, phone calls and faxes! Click here for details and get ready to change the way you administer your payroll, forever.

Advantage Payroll Service offers the premium payment Workers' Compensation service you've been looking for. No down payment and no billing fees. Click here for details.

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